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IPFMRP Implementation Support and Review Mission, November 14-25, 2022

Dec 13, 2022 - Local News

  • The Bank team completed the review mission of IPMFRP and has proposed the wrap-up meeting on December 19, 2022, which MOF is yet to confirm. The Bank offered Development Partner (DP) technical teams to join mission meetings, and appreciate the British Embassy joining most of these meetings as part of their review. EU in addition to British Embassy joined the meeting on November 23 at the PEFA Secretariat to update the DPs’ technical teams on mission findings. There has been good progress in the past six months.  Notably, approval of project bank guidelines, endorsement of three key studies (TNA, IFMIS, CE), enhancements to integrate various information systems, the launch of the second version of the revenue management information system, development of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) information system, the launch of the online procurement learning module, completion of procurement capacity building contract with ITC/ILO, and various training to the government officials. Overall implementation progress is encouraging; however, a few challenges persist.  The Bank will issue an Aide Memoir after the wrap-up meeting with MOF.

Public Financial Management
Multi-Donor Trust Fund