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Nepal: Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Project

Project Details
Project ID P164783
Grant Amount 12 million (USD$)
Implementing Agency Ministry of Finance
Effective Date Jan 15, 2018
Closing Date Jun 30, 2021
Team Leader Jiwanka B. Wickramasinghe and Franck Bessette
Description The proposed project is organized around four complementary components:(1) public investment management; (2) PFM improvements in subnational governments; (3) fiscal reporting and controls; and (4) institutionalize capacity building and management of PFM reforms. There are a multitude of interlinked actions across these components.
Objective The project will contribute towards: (a) streamlined capital project appraisal and selection procedures in selected sectors; (b) adoption of a reporting and budgeting framework for all levels of government; (c) public availability of timely NPSAS-based annual financial statements; and (d) improved internal control procedures
Key Results

The key results of the IPFMRP are based around the strategic objectives of the Governments PFMRP. These are as follows:


  • Simplified, updated guidelines on project screening, appraisal and prioritization implemented in pilot subsectors
  • Reporting and budgeting guidelines developed and adopted for all 3 tiers of Government
  • NPSAS based annual financial statements are prepared and published in a timely manner.
  • National and sector level internal control guidelines are developed and in effect
Project Status Active

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