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Strengthening Public Financial Management Systems (SPFM I)

Project Details
Project ID P125770
Grant Amount US$ 4.30 Million
Implementing Agency PEFA Secretariat, Nepal
Effective Date Oct 31, 2011
Closing Date Jun 30, 2015
Team Leader Manoj Jain
Description SPFM I aims to strengthen Public Financial Management Systems (Treasury System, Financial Reporting, and PFM Capacity Building)in Nepal.
Objective The development objective is to improve expenditure control and enhance government accountability and transparency by strengthening treasury system, improving financial reporting and building up PFM Capacity. The project is expected to improve controls in public expenditure management and budget monitoring of Government of Nepal. The components of this project are 1)Implementation of Treasury Single Account (TSA) System 2) Enhancing government accounting and reporting practices 3) Supporting capacity building of the PEFA Secretariat 4) Project Management
Key Results

The PDO will be measured through the following outcome indicators.

Project Status Active

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Public Financial Management
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